The World’s First Largest Marketing Forum, World Marketing Forum 2021 Organized by the Asia Marketing Federation Held in Japan

World Marketing Forum 2021: Technology for Humanity and Productivity For Happiness

World Marketing Forum 2021 Organized by the Asia Marketing Federation Held in Japan

The Asia Marketing Federation (AMF), in collaboration with the Asia Productivity Organization (APO), will hold the 2021 World Marketing Forum (WMF) with the theme Technology for Humanity and Productivity For Happiness. It discusses how the development of technologies such as artificial intelligence will profoundly impact human lives. The inaugural event, which will be held on October 21st-22nd, 2021, at Kenchoji Temple, Kamakura, Japan, is the first world marketing forum spearheaded by the Indonesia Marketing Association (IMA) and the Japan Marketing Association (JMA). Due to travel and gathering restrictions during the pandemic, the event will combine the live in-person setting with virtual components so that participants can feel the experience of being in the venue directly where the forum is being held.

From the left: Prof. Kim Ki Chan (Professor of Business School at the Catholic University of Korea, South Korea), Christian Sarkar (The Wicked 7 Project/Co-author of Brand Activism with Prof. Philip Kotler, USA), Hermawan Kartajaya (Co-founder of World Marketing Forum and Honorary Founding Chairman of Indonesia Marketing Association), Gwen Albarracin (President and CEO of Center for Pop Music Philippines, Inc, Philippines), 2nd session of WMF 2021 with the theme Solving the World’s Most Urgent Problems.

This event will be attended by several prominent figures and organizations such as Philip Kotler (Father of Modern Marketing), Sadayoshi Fujishige (Co-founder of WMF & President of JMA), Hermawan Kartajaya (Founder of MarkPlus, Inc.), Sandiaga Uno (Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy), and many more. The event, which will be held annually, exclusively invites more than 500 academics, business professionals, and government bodies to attend as participants and speakers. In addition to special invitations, WMF is free-to-attend through online streaming on the Marketeers TV YouTube channel. Not missing the momentum, AMF will review the book Marketing 5.0: Technology for Humanity by Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya, and Iwan Setiawan, which is included in the Soundview’s “Best Business Books of 2021.”

Some speakers from the first day of World Marketing Forum 2021 (October 21st, 2021), held in Kamakura, Jepang


WMF is an exclusive annual event aimed at marketing professionals worldwide and in collaboration on a non-profit basis with important figures and organizations around the world. This forum has the integrity to discuss the latest marketing developments and the latest marketing practices comprehensively and comprehensively. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to see historical places in Asia that reflect the timeliness of marketing practices. Hosted by AMF, a collaboration platform from all marketing associations in Asia that has been established since 1991, this event is a major breakthrough to compete in the midst of rapid technological developments as proclaimed by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, regarding Indonesia’s vision to improve digital and technological literacy and compete in it.


Asia Marketing Federation is a collaborative platform of all marketing associations in Asia since 1991. AMF has a mission to promote marketing interest in Asia and strengthen marketing collaboration between countries in Asia. Countries that are members of the AMF are Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Macau, Taiwan and Mongolia.

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