The Asia Marketing Federation (AMF) is one of the foremost governing bodies of marketing in the Asian Region. Its member countries include Bangladesh, Cambodia, China,Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. As a federation which champions companies who are ahead of their game, the organization is launching the second Asia Marketing Excellence Awards, which will be held on September of 2016 in South Korea.

The AMF Asia Marketing Excellence Award is an award giving body that gives the highest recognition for outstanding and trailblazing efforts in the marketing of products and services .It recognizes Corporations and Individuals in the Asian Region for marketing excellence that will reflect admirable qualities of versatility, innovativeness and ingenuity.





The candidates for Marketing Company of the Year Award must have the following qualifications which the National Marketing Association  of your country has already screened you to have:

  • Awardees: Companies or corporations must be represented by the President/CEO or Chief Marketing Officer/Strategist
  • With at least 3 years of Marketing  operations
  • With exemplary brand performance to attain growth in sales, market share and profitability
  • With full marketing organizational set up




The candidates for Marketing 3.0 Award must have the following qualifications which the National Marketing Association  of your country has already screened you to have:

  • Awardees: Company or corporations represented by the President/CEO/CMO/Strategist
  • With at least 3 years of Marketing operations
  • Company is continuously willing to understand anxieties and desires of its stakeholders
  • Marketing is considered not just a function but embedded in the strategic level of the company
  • Have well defined mission, vision, and values to contribute to the world; aim to provide solutions to address problems in the society

For more information or clarifications, please do not hesitate to call the above local number or the AMF-Asia Marketing Excellence Award Secretariat in Japan and VMA - 

Ms.Gwenn Albarracin / Mr.Rohan Somawansa
Co-Chairs AMF-AMEA

Mr.Roger Wang
Nominations Committee Chair, Marketing Institute of Singapore

Steering Committee members, National Marketing Associations
Communication and Collection of Data/Entries from Nominees

Cambodia - Marketing Association of Cambodia (MAC)
China – CCPIT Commercial Sub-council
Hong Kong – Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (HKIM)
Japan – Japan Marketing Association (JMA)
Malaysia – Institute of Marketing Malaysia (IMM)
Myanmar – 
Myanmar Marketers Society (MMS)
Mongolia – Mongolia Marketing Association (MAA)
Thailand – Marketing Association of Thailand (MAT)
Taiwan Institute of Marketing Science (TIMS) 

Mr.Hendra Warsita and Ms.Pinky Yee
Committee Co-Chairs, Indonesia Marketing Association and Philippines Marketing Association (PMA)

Dr. Syed Ferhat
Judges Committee Chair -
Marketing Society Bangladesh (MSB)

Mr.Boojong Kim
Committee Chair, Marketers Society of Korea (MASOK)

Mr.Tran Hoang and Mr.Upul Adikari
Committee Co-Chairs, Vietnam Marketing Association (VMA) & Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM)

Awarding ceremonies: During MASOK Conference 2016 in Seoul, Korea




Asia Marketing Excellence Awards returns to crown Asia’s best companies

30th Mar, 2016

The Asia Marketing Federation (AMF), the foremost governing body of marketing in Asia, has announced the opening of applications for the 2nd Asia Marketing Excellence Awards, which champions companies that stay ahead of the evolution of marketing.

Companies from around Asia that have excelled in the field of marketing are eligible to send in their applications to the Asia Marketing Excellence Awards (AMEA) before 31st March 2016. The competition will culminate in a grand awards ceremony to be hosted in Korea in September 2016.

The 1st ever AMEA was held successfully in 2015 with over 40 companies vying for awards from countries such as China, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand. It recognized companies in the Asian Region who strive for marketing excellence that reflect admirable qualities of innovativeness and ingenuity.  It encouraged companies to view their customers not as mere consumers, but as human beings with minds, hearts and spirits, who are constantly on the lookout to address the anxieties and desires of their stakeholders.

The success of its inaugural edition has positioned AMEA as the premier marketing awards show in Asia, and a large number of companies are expected to participate in the 2nd AMEA. The two most coveted awards will be the ‘Marketing Company of the Year’ and ‘Marketing 3.0’ awards, and there will be many more awards on offer in various categories.

The ‘Marketing Company of the Year’ award recognises outstanding and innovative marketing strategies, tactics and values, and how these elements result in sales growth, market share growth and net income growth. Last year’s outstanding award was given to Universal Robina Corporation (URC), one of the largest food manufacturing corporations in the Philippines, with a very wide distribution in the Asian Region. The Marketing 3.0 Award will be presented to a company with a well defined corporate culture which is incorporated in its vision, mission and values, and is reflected in its marketing strategies which specially consider the consumers' need in mind, heart, and spirit. It also includes marketing strategies which address consumer demands for collaborative, cultural and spiritual marketing approaches and are reflected in the growth of market share, volume and net income. Last year’s prestigious award was won by Telkom Group Indonesia, the state-owned telecommunications enterprise which serves over 140 million customers in Indonesia.

The Judging Panel for the awards is headed by Professor. Syed Ferhat and includes other professionals from AMF member countries. (Profiles of the judging panel)

Five committees have been formed to overlook the project headed by renowned members of AMF, together with the able support of its Secretary General, Mr. Masaaki Ishibashi. The Nominations Committee is headed by Marketing Institute of Singapore, Category Heads Committee by Philippine Marketing Association and Indonesia Marketing Association, Finance & Sponsorship Committee by Marketing Society Of Korea , Marketing Committee by Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing and Vietnam Marketing Association, Production & Staging Committee by Marketing Society of Korea and Judges Committee by Marketing Society of Bangladesh.

Asia Marketing Federation is the networking body of marketing associations in Asia. Originally founded in 1991 as the Asia Pacific Marketing Federation (APMF), it was later renamed as Asia Marketing Federation in 2007. AMF has a critical mission as the premier regional body which effectively promotes the interests of marketing in Asia and strengthens the Asian marketing fraternity. Its member countries include Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. At present, the federation’s President is Mr. Takuya Goto (Japan), who is a well respected corporate leader. Vice Presidents are Ms. Gwen Albarracin (Philippines) and Mr. Rohan Somawansa (Sri Lanka), who are also the co-chairs for the Asia Marketing Excellence Awards.


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