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About AMF

Asian Marketing Federation


Asia Marketing Federation (AMF) is the networking body of marketing associations in Asia. As of Oct 2015, the AMF members are marketing associations/institute of 14 countries/region, namely, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taipei, Campodia, and Vietnam.

Originally founded in 1991 as the Asia Pacific Marketing Federation (APMF), it was evolved into AMF in 2007.   As of July 2014, its president is Mr. Takuya Goto (Japan), and vice presidents are Ms. Gwen Albarracin (Philippines) and Mr. Rohan Somawansa (Sri Lanka).

AMF has a critical mission as the premier regional body that effectively promotes the interests of marketing in Asia in general and strengthening the Asian marketing fraternity.

1) Expansion

Today, the population of the Asean region exceeds 600 million and its GDP totals over 350 billion dollars. In October 2010, AMF held its board meeting in Tokyo and I invited observers from Korea. Fortunately, they expressed their interest in joining AMF. Hence, the market of Asean, Japan and Korea is estimated with the population of 800 million and the GDP of 6.7 trillion dollars. In comparison with the European Union, the population is 1.6 times larger while GDP stands at 40%.

But we should not forget two superpower nations in Asia - namely, China and India. When these two nations join AMF, the market size represented by AMF swells to the population of 3.4 billion, the largest region in the world, and thee GDP of 13.8 trillion dollars, almost the same level of the United States.

AMF has already contacted with local associations in China and India, encouraging them to join AMF.

Fortunately, CCPIT, representing China, joined AMF at its annual general meeting in Bangkok on May 2013.   CCPIT is the government-affiliated, much-respected organization and will host a marketing conference on November 2013.


2) Higher prestige

Asia has Philip Kotler Center for Asean Marketing in Jakarta and Philip Kotler Marketing 3.0 Museum in Bali, Indonesia, which is scheduled to be open in May 2011. Prof. Philip Kotler, globally recognized as the father of modern marketing, is deeply associated with Asia, publishing four Asian marketing books with Mr. Hermawan Kartajaya, the patron of AMF. His fifth book with Mr.

Hermawan is "Marketing 3.0," which inspires the world in 2010. This illustrates that the level of marketing intelligence in Asia reached almost the same as the rest of the developed world. Now, I hope to further enhance the status of AMF in the world, by initiating the appointment of Prof. Philip Kotker as AMF Honorary Fellow and getting AMF more affiliated with World Marketing Association.


3) Certified Professional Marketer

One of the product services for AMF is 'Certified Professional Marketer (Asia).' At present, approximately 800 Asian marketers hold CPM (Asia) status. AMF recognizes them as a professional marketer with excellent marketing intelligence and business experience. Now, I hope to provide a network of CPM holders, to give them a framework of regional support including human exchange opportunities.